Main features:

  • Fast random access to cards and boxes during AI&T
  • Dimensional stability, no uncertainty add-up
  • Parallelized conduction-cooled thermal architecture
  • Ease of integration
  • CubeSat Rev13 compliance

Avionics bay:

  • High-speed differential interconnections (signal & power integrity)
  • High stacking density
  • Nano and Micro D-SUB connectors
  • Redundant power, CAN and M-LVDS busses (SerDes upon request)
  • Trigger and Sync. lines.

Universal payload bay:

  • 1.7 U volume for the payload
  • Card guide slots only, or
  • PC104 stack converter, or
  • Highly integrated payloads, or
  • Hybrid solution
Comparison: PC-104 Stack vs. Card Slot System
PC104 stackCard Slot System
Uses COTS connectorsUses Nano & Micro D-SUB and Strip space qualified connectors
Random access to cards: impossibleFacilitates random access to cards during integration and testing
Shared functions – compromises:
Separated main functions:
– Geometric size of stack: large uncertainty– Card guides provide precise geometry
– Increased structural load on cards and connector
– Connectors and cards: free from structural load
– Thermal management: cards in series, interdependent
– Thermal management of cards: parallelized, independent

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