Main features:

  • Single-point failure tolerant design
  • Double redundancy in all subsystems
  • 3 year design lifetime in LEO
  • Easy assembly, integration, and testing
  • Robust structure, fine details
  • Active backplane
  • Card Guide system
  • CubeSat Rev13 compliance

Platform components:

  • 3U or 6U Structure
  • Solar panels (body mounted and/or deployable)
  • OBC (with mass memory)
  • EPS (including battery pack)
  • COM (UHF transceiver)
  • COM (S-Band transmitter)
  • Antennas (for UHF and S-band)

Optional systems:

  • Payload controller
  • 3rd party ADCS

The structure, on-board computer and the UHF transceiver are developed as part of ESA’s CubeSat Technology Development activites.

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