Development of laser marker power supply and monitoring-control system

Development of power supply and monitoring and control systems of their laser marker for Quantum Lasertech Ltd is starting. The prototype is expected early 2014, expected to-market time is 2014/Q2.

E-invoicing implemented

Our company has implemented e-invoicing, speeding up the delivery and processing of invoices while minimizing the number of incorrect, garbled invoices. This is not only environmentally friendly, but the technology enables both us and our customers an immediate access to invoices; tracking of invoices is simple and transparent. The handling of the data of the digitally signed and timestamped invoices is user-friendly; the data is issued in a format compliant to international standards and complies fully with domestic legal regulations. For e-invoicing we are using the services of Számlá


We joined the Hungarian Space Industry Cluster

We participated in the Hungarian Space Cluster’s general meeting on the 8th of May and signed the Accession Agreement after the event. We hope that we will as a member of the cluster in the future be able to aid the development of this industry with the highest added value more efficiently.