Hungary accedes to ESA Convention

History in the making: Today Hungary has signed the Accession Agreement to the ESA Convention. Presentations during the ceremony stressed the importance of the utilization of CubeSats in space industry, which is one of the main objectives of our company as well.

Feasibility study of a small satellite payload controller

We started coordination negotiations with the European Space Agency regarding a project to investigate the feasibility of a integrated payload controller and data processing subsystem. We expect that as a result of the project we will be tasked with the development of such a system.

Technical presentation about CubeSats in the UN COPUOS

Our management was granted the opportunity to hold a technical presentation in Vienna on the 52nd session of the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee of UN’s COPUOS (Committee for the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space) on the opportunities for industrial utilization of picosatellites.

Second generation Fiber Marker PSU

We have delivered the first batch of the 2nd generation of our power supply and monitoring system for laser marking devices. Thanks to further miniaturization device volume was reduced to a seventh of the original with no loss in capability.

Prototype Design Review at ESTEC

We were received by the European Space Agency in Noordwijk to demonstrate the three small satellite technologies we developed: 3U CubeSat structure, On-board computer, and UHF band communication system. We presented demo models of the technologies.